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If you are like me and you enjoy an outdoor and active lifestyle, then you will probably want to think about the type of foods you can eat that will give you energy but not cause you to put on weight.

I love to play golf and I have to be careful as I might not burn quite as many calories as I put in. I sometimes spend hours working on my swing at home with my Optishot golf simulator, you can see it here if you want to learn more, but this doesn’t really qualify as a major workout. I often feel quite tired after hitting 100-200 golf balls but it does depend on what I had to eat for the day. The opposite, of course, is when I eat too much and then I can’t focus on my golf swing properly which defeats the object. It seems I am not the only one talking about this as you can see there is an official event around golfing and food!

As we move into 2016 and many of you will have made up new resolutions and promises (which most will break) you will be needing some help in deciding which foods are good to eat and which should be avoided. The simple way to start is to try and avoid carbs wherever possible. This means potatoes, bread, pastry and any other food which is made from corn. The body generally converts these food types into energy (sugar) and if we don’t burn it off it will be stored as fat!

Staying away from these groups will be harder in the early stages as these are the foods that tend to fill you up. Often if you skip the starch and just have meat and salad you will not have the same feeling of being full as you would with a potato.

On the other side though, you will begin to lose weight and you will feel better allowing you to improve your golf swing and play a better game with renewed confidence.

Keep visiting us for more tips and information to ensure your 2016 goes the way you planned it and start living a healthier life.
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