Salads for Healthier Options

Thanks for coming past, things look a little bit empty around here but if you come back and visit real soon we should have some awesome content on here that will help you rethink your diet and become able to create some really tasty new dishes.

I just love salads with anchovy – they are delicious but they are also somewhat of an acquired taste. Those who love em can’t get enough but if you are not partial then you will probably turn your nose up at the slightest thought!


Inventing meals that are slimming is really tough as it not only takes a lot of time and thought in preparation but it can become a lot more expensive than buying convenience food. For many of us, it is hard to work all day and then spend hours in the kitchen in the evening. It is just not practical and as such a bad idea.

I plan to teach you as I go along some of the creative sides to making food and how you can prepare certain foods in bulk for freezing making a simple option for the evening after work. Just look at the following video for some simple inspirations.

Although food is the one dynamic keeping fit and active is another. I like to go to gym, get out for a run or when the weather permits I like to get out on the golf course for a quick 9 or 18 holes.

I hope to build up some good information on here that will help you look at food slightly differently and in the end, live a healthier lifestyle.


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