Snacks for Gamers

My two favourite hobbies are food and gaming – the interesting part is that they go well together. As I sit for hours at my gaming desk, you can view more over here, I get really hungry and with Battlefield 1 due to hit the shelves tomorrow I can see a long weekend without much time cook a healthy and nutritious meal! For most gamers a weekend like this will entail lots of junk but if you are conscious of your weight then you need to plan ahead.

So, what do gamers eat Рwell, to find out I needed to do a little research and see what I could learn. To my surprise, there are literally hundreds  of videos and articles on this topic so I am happy to report that I am not alone!

Avoiding the junk here is the key – I am not 15 anymore and as you approach the middle years of life you quickly learn that any food consumed needs to be carefully considered to ensure the calorie count is within a reasonable threshold. Overdoing it will certainly lead to a stomach that is not easy to get rid of!

Making a nice chicken or tuna salad could do the trick and you will find some really good recipes if you search the web – this is quite simple and a large bowel could potentially last the entire weekend. Concentrating on gaming takes a bit of energy (believe it or not) so you want healthy food but at some point you are going to need something with substance.

As a gamer it is often tempting to make toast or other quick meals – the key point here is the type of bread used to ensure you keep those calories off – I like to use seed breads which retain the taste but are fairly safe to eat without the risk of an overload.

It is hard to nail it down to a specific set of pointers but it is worth keeping in mind and doing your best to eat healthy – especially if you are sitting down for hours at a time playing games!

If you are a bit of nerd like me and you have just ordered your battlefield 1 then happy weekend!